A Celebration

I believe that your ceremony is unique and personal. It is an opportunity for you to share your love for one another with those closest to you.

For this reason, I will encourage and help you to create a ceremony which reflects you as individuals.

Celebrations are just that. A time of joy and happiness. Someone once described my style as, "light but sincere".
Sincerity is essential when conveying the true meaning of a couple's love through a ceremony.

I believe one of the best ways for a couple to express their love for one another in front of their friends and families is for them to have a ceremony which is as personal as possible.
I will encourage you to write your own vows (promises) to each other, and choose readings, blessings, song lyrics, poems etc, for others to present (or they may choose themselves), which have meaning for you both.

Marriage is a rite of passage, and the journey often begins with the ceremony. Your goal is to bring your guests with you on the journey. It is their responsibility to give you their ongoing support.
A ceremony that is full of meaning and celebration will bind all present; most importantly, bride and groom.